Working with you Business Sales Package

Working with you

While our “Sell it Your Self” business sales package is great, it doesn’t suit all business owners looking to sell their businesses.
We have found that many business owners are more than capable of selling their own business but are too busy with the day to day running of their businesses to follow-up on the enquiries that our “ Sell it your Self “ business sales package generates.

Our “Sell it Yourself” business sales package is great for business owners looking to sell their business themselves and thus saving on sometimes prohibitive commissions charged by full service brokers. But we have found many business owners though love “Sell It Yourself”, they are so busy working within their businesses that they are unable to find the time to follow up properly the volume of enquiries .

That’s why we have developed our “Work Together “business sales package.

For a reduced commission and a low upfront fee our brokers work together with you to sell your business.

How it Works

Same as “Sell it Your Self” we advertise your business for you, but our brokers follow up all enquiries. We qualify the buyers and arrange meeting times for you to meet with the prospective buyers. Our brokers working with you follow up afterwards and help you negotiate the sale of your business.


  • Reduced Commission
  • Saves time for you wasted by “Tyre Kickers”.
  • Our Brokers are actively trying to sell your business to other prospective buyers.
  • Buyers behave themselves better knowing a broker is working with you.
  • Buyer security knowing that their deposit is held in a neutral “Trust Account”
  • It is in our mutual interest that you sell your business for the best possible price.
  • You are not alone in selling your business.