Some Critical Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Business Broker

One of the hardest decisions in selling business is choosing a “Business Broker”. Most of the business owners sell their business once in a life time. So your business broker must be an expert in the field. If you are planning to sell your business now then you must choose the right business broker and ask some critical questions to your broker before making a decision:

  • Does he maintain regular contact with professional accountants, advisors and lawyers?
  • Does he provide right and quality information to prospective buyers?
  • Can he show previous transaction experience?
  • Is he qualified to provide appropriate advice?

Make sure that your business broker hold significant transaction experience in your industry and certified to provide you advice as and when required and necessary. You need to check that how your business broker presents required information to buyer. Does he prepare information memorandum to distribute to buyers?   Information memorandum includes detailed information about business and gives confidence to buyer to make initial assessment.

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